About SJ Publishing

We are a boutique publishing studio and our mission is to provide supported self-publishing packages within Australia for local and international clients. We help small business people become influential leaders within their niche industries.

There are numerous publishers and self-publishers out there who offer an array of packages. Our point of difference is we provide an affordable choice for people who would like to take the self-publishing path but would appreciate support and guidance along the way.

There are no locked-in packages. We pride ourselves on creating the perfect package for you. We are all about choice and will provide you with as much direction as you require.

We claim no royalties or rights from our authors. When you publish your book through one of our self-publishing packages in Australia, it’s entirely yours.


Meet The Team

Samantha Jansen

Samantha Jansen is an author, certified counsellor and coach with over a decade’s experience working with individuals, small service-based businesses, and not-for-profit organisations.

She is a sought-after speaker and has spoken at various events locally, nationally and internationally in America and New Zealand. She loves connecting through stories, and throughout 2018 and 2019 she hosted her own radio show.

Samantha has written and published multiple books, her latest book from 2023 is Unmuted and Renewed. Given her expertise in writing, publishing, and using her book as a speaking tool, she guides aspiring authors to do the same following a proven framework. 

She and her small team of professionals pride themselves on nurturing and supporting authors throughout their journey. 

Karen Crombie

From published authors with several books under their belts, to new writers on their first article, Karen has worked with clients from a wide variety of backgrounds and many different levels of experience.

Karen Crombie was previously a teacher of English, English Literature and Speech and Drama, and has a flair for both the written and spoken word. Working at Buckingham Palace for the Queen was one of her most interesting career challenges, making her meticulous and giving her a keen eye for detail.

You are always given a ‘clean’ version of your work with all editing changes incorporated, plus a ‘marked-up’ copy, where you can see every change that has been made in Track Changes in Microsoft Word. Additionally, you are given author’s notes including suggestions and feedback, which are positive and encouraging, yet clear and honest.

It may then require some changes to be made by the writer, after which the manuscript is given a second polish and last read-through. You are always given final sign-off on your manuscript before it goes to the printer.