Here are the FAQ

We're a boutique publishing studio on a mission to help aspiring authors become published. We offer a variety of packages and claim no royalties or rights from any of our authors.
Unfortunately no. We aren't a traditional commercial publisher.
This is when you submit your manuscript to them and, if they like it, they'll offer you a contract. They take all the financial responsibilities and oversee publication.
We have published children's books, cook books, motivational books, spiritual books, business books, self-help, memoirs, and more. Just ask us!
No, sorry. We're not a promotion house and achieving Amazon best seller status is something that is obtained by a complex formula that compares the number of books sold and other aspects.
This is when you, the author, pays to have your manuscript published. We offer various self-publishing packages, which include editing, layout, cover design, registration of ISBN, writing support and printing. We are happy to customise the package to suit you.
The main advantage is you have full control over your manuscript. What goes in and what doesn't. You decide the level of editing, or proof reading, the design of your cover, the font styles, and... well... pretty much everything. Also, you retain the profits and copyright.
We offer customised packages. This ensures we cater to your needs and create the best package to get your story out into the world. We don't want to tie you up or sell you something you don't need or want. Together we can put together only the things you want to go into your publication.
Yes. We offer a manuscript assessment for a set fee. One of our editors will review your manuscript and provide you with a report.
We provide a variety of editing services. This could be structural or proof reading your manuscript. Once the manuscript has been signed off, we have the manuscript professionally laid to meet the industry standard before sending it to the printer.
We have third party partnerships with local printers and all Australian author books are printed in Melbourne before being distributed to the authors in Australia. If you are an international author we send the print files to a local printer in your country. We have found this to be the most cost effective way and it reduces delivery times.
Yes. We offer illustration services, with the illustrations being completed by a third party.
Yes. We offer you guidance, resources and help you set up the function. Just let us know if how you'd like to have this happen.