• God In Business

    God In Business

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  • Hellbent on being Heaven Bound

    This book will take you through a journey of discovery, prayer, application and training to be Hellbent on being Heaven bound.

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  • My Journey of Faith

    The authors share very personal thoughts, stories and memories. The book takes the reader on five similar but different j

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  • The Adjustment Season

    The Adjustment Season is the testimony of over a decade of learning to live a faith-filled, obedient life.
    If you want to understand your ide

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  • Turning Wine into Living Water

    “Turning wine into Living Water” is a dynamic and life-changing book based firmly on the word of God, and a powerful testimony of how Jesus Chr

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  • Unmuted and Renewed

    Samantha Jansen has walked through her own lonely, desperate places where breakthrough seemed impossible and her circumstances hopeless. But what i

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